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Attention Coaches, Consultants, Freelancers, Authors, Speakers, and Service Providers

Are you sick of staring at the computer screen wondering what to write in an email or how to respond to that unbelievable email from a client?

Don't fret! I've got you covered!

Get instant access to my exclusive collection of scripts and templates and put an end to feeling like the cat has got your tongue in those cringeworthy awkward conversations every online entrepreneur faces!

We’ve all been there. Staring at the monitor re-reading an email from a client that leaves you feeling speechless and wondering how the heck do I respond to this and still come off sounding at least a little bit professional?

Whether it's that client who, bless her heart, just can't seem to respect you boundaries... or the one who has gone radio silent on you and you know it's because she isn't doing the work (but your gut feel is that she's going to try to cancel for "lack of results")... or the one you are just D.O.N.E. working with and ready to kick to the curb (lovingly of course)... you know you need to reply, but you just can't find the words. It's even worse when there's money on the line! 

You need a copywriting cookbook for all those awkward conversations every business owner has to face. A cookbook filled with recipes to handle those situations with ease, grace and poise; recipes that give you the words to present yourself as the savvy professional you are (even if you aren't feeling that way at the moment). Words that make your client feel respected and honored, but at the same time say "this chick means business!"

Like the client who asks for a refund well after the refund period has ended, the one who hasn't paid that invoice you sent months ago, or the nightmare every solopreneur faces eventually... how to respond to that friend or family member who has basically just asked you to do work for free. Oh! And what about how to respond to that ideal client who said "I'd love to work with you, but I can't afford it..." 

Everything you write either makes you sound like a complete b*tch or a total pushover... and neither of those are the message you want to send! You want words that make you sound like the confident and compassionate business owner you are; one who cares about her clients, can be fair and flexible, but will also hold firm to her boundaries and principles as well.

You need a glass of wine, right? Or at the very least some good chocolate (let’s be honest…any chocolate will do at a time like this).

Wine and chocolate might help,
but what you really need is a secret weapon.


The Ultimate Email Swipe & Template Collection!

Get instant access to business scripts and templates
you can download right to your desktop and
have at your fingertips whenever you need them.

Fill-In-The-Blank business scripts and templates for service based entrepreneurs.

  • "Awkward Situation" scripts & templates for everything from how to fire a client to how to start emailing your list after you've been MIA to how to answer that "friend" who wants to "pick your brain"

  • In person conversation scripts - not everything can be handled by email! We've got scripts for those face-to-face conversations that can leaving you tripping over your words as well.

  • "Money stuff" emails to make sure you get paid what you earn. How to notify your clients of a price increase, how to collect on a serious overdue invoice, how to handle a chargeback and more... it's all covered.

Even more templates COMING SOON! You will have access to new templates as they are released

I promise... this is one resource that won't be gathering cyberdust on your computer!


Check out what's inside!!!

Awkward Conversations

  • Cancellation Follow Up
  • Client Boundaries Letter
  • Decline a Client and Refer to a DIY Program
  • Decline a Client and Refer to Someone Else
  • Decline an Interview or Feature Request
  • Decline an Interview (Sent From Your VA)
  • Decline a Project (Without Sounding Ungrateful)
  • Download Link Isn't Working Properly
  • Explain a No Refund Policy on Digital Programs
  • Follow Up with a Prospect by "Checking In"
  • Follow Up on a Customer Service Issue
  • Gracefully Saying No to Free Work
  • Gracefully Terminate a Client Relationship
  • Introduce Yourself on Social Media Without Sounding Desperate or Overly Promotional
  • How to Approach an Influencer to Promote Your Stuff
  • How to Fire a Client Who Wastes Your Time
  • How to Start Emailing Your List After Going MIA
  • Notify Your Clients of a Rate Increase
  • Reply to "Love Notes" from Clients
  • Responding to an Angry Client
  • Survey Your List
  • When a Client Asks for a Discount
  • When a Client Asks for a Refund
  • When a Client Is Late for a Call
  • When a Client Isn't Following Through
  • When a Client Misses an Appointment
  • When a Client Regularly Misses Appointments
  • When a Prospect Doesn't Reply to Quote or Proposal
  • When a Potential Client No Shows for a Call
  • When a Potential Client Says "I Can't Afford It"
  • When a Potential Client Says No
  • When a Potential Client Hires Someone Else
  • When Someone Steals Your Content
  • When Someone Wants to "Pick Your Brain"
  • When They Still Don't Get it and Ask to Meet for Free
  • When Your Sales Call Doesn't Go as Planned
  • When Your Friends and Family Tell You to Get a Job

Money Stuff

  • ​Client Cancelled PayPal Installment Plan
  • Client Hasn't Paid an Invoice
  • Collection Letter for Seriously Past Due Accounts
  • Declined Payment
  • Expired Credit Card
  • Failed Payment Follow Up
  • Insufficient Funds
  • Late Payment Notification
  • Payment Plan Arrangement
  • Reply to Request for a Discount
  • Refund Request Response
  • Refund Period Expired Response
  • When a Client Files a Chargeback
  • When a Client's Credit Card Has Been Cancelled
  • When a Client Files a Dispute with PayPal

    In Person Conversation Scripts

  • A true MIC DROP Response to "That's too Expensive" or "I Can't Afford It" (This script has been a favorite of my private clients for YEARS and is responsible for salvaging hundreds of thousands in potential lost sales!) 
  • How Introduce Yourself on Facebook Live (or a Networking Event) so You'll be Remembered Long After
  • When a Client Shows Up Late to a Coaching Call
  • When Your Coffee Date Turns Into a Request for Free Coaching or a "Pick Your Brain" Session


The following templates are coming soon. You will have access to these templates as they are released


  • FB Live And Networking Intros
  • Introduce Yourself On Social Media
  • Reconnecting With An Old Client Or Prospect
  • Accepting An Interview Request When You Are    Unable To Promote It
  • Accepting An Interview Request And Letting The, Know How You Plan To Promote
  • Podcast Pitch Email
  • Requesting To Reschedule An Interview
  • Asking Someone To Interview Them
  • What To Do When You Realize You’ve Given Away
  • Too Much Free Advice By Email Or Messenger And Want To Get Them On A Call
  • How To Handle An Internet Troll
  • If A Client Violates Their Contract
  • When Your Work With A Client Is Done But They Still Keep Contacting You
  • When A Client Says Something That Upsets Or Offends You
  • When A Client Wants To Do Something You Disagree With
  • When A Client Has Had A Death In The Family
  • Asking Someone To Guest Post On Your Blog
  • Guest Post Pitch Email
  • Declining A Guest Post Request
  • When You Need To Cut A Client Lose Because Their Invoices Are Overdue
  • When A Client Isn’t Happy With Your Work
  • When You Need To Apologize For Something That Wasn’t Your Fault
  • Apologizing For Something That Was Your Fault
  • When You Send A Client Incorrect Information And They Find The Error
  • When A Client Wants You To Do Some Work During Your Time Off
  • When A Client Has Emailed You Multiple Times And Expects Quick Replies To All Of Them
  • Responding If A Client Does Or Says Something  Inappropriate To You


  • Telling A Partner You Feel Like You Are Doing All The Work
  • When You Disagree With A Decision A Partner Has Made
  • Asking For An Increase In $ From A Partner
  • Proposing A Change In Compensation Structure
  • Telling A Biz Partner You Want To Make An Investment In The Biz
  • When A Partner Wants To Make An Investment And You Don’t Think It’s A Good Idea
  • When A Partner Wants More Money And You Disagree
  • When You Want Out Of A Partnership
  • When You Sense They Want Out of the Partnership
  • When A Partner Blatantly Violates Your Agreement


  • ​When a Client Requests Something Out of Scope and You Will Do It Without an Extra Fee
  • When a Client Requests Something Out pf Scope and You Will Do It For a Fee
  • When a Client Is Requesting Changes That Exceeds  the Number Included in the Original Fee
  • When a Client Requests That You Do a Rush Project
  • When You Need To Request an Extension On a Project Deadline
  • When a Client Requests to Extend a Project Deadline
  • When a Client Isn’t Providing the Feedback You Need to Move a Project Forward
  • When a Client Tells You Someone On Your Team Did Something Wrong/Bad
  • Cold Pitch Email for Services 
  • Notifying Clients of a Rate Increase
  • Sending a Proposal
  • Inquiring About an Overdue Invoice
  • How to Decline a Project Without Sounding Ungrateful
  • Follow Up on a Proposal
  • New Client Welcome Email


  • ​When Someone On Your Team Needs A Deadline Extended
  • When Someone On Your Team Wants A Deadline Extended But You Have to Say No
  • If Someone On Your Team Misses A Deadline Without Giving You A Heads Up
  • Requesting A Project Status Update From A Team Member
  • Setting Expectations For Team Members
  • If A Team Member Stops Responding And Has Gone Radio Silent
  • If A Team Member Disappears And Comes Back Without A Good Reason
  • When A Team Member Isn’t Delivering Good Work
  • When A Team Member Has A Conflict Of Interest
  • Conflict Of Interest Follow Up
  • When A Team Member Is Overwhelmed And Stressed Out 
  • When A Client Or Team Member Wants To Be Friends On Facebook And You’d Prefer Not To
  • Addressing The Bad Habits Of A Team Member
  • When A Team Member Complains About Someone Else On The Team
  • Informing A Team Member About A Complaint About Them
  • Notifying The Team Of New Policies
  • Asking A Team Member To Take On More Work
  • Telling A Team Member You Need To Reduce Work
  • Telling A Team Member They Are A Rock Star
  • Firing A Team Member Who Isn’t A Good Fit
  • Firing A Team Member Who Disappeared On You
  • Firing A Team Member Who Made Big Mistakes

Stop staring at the screen and pulling your hair trying to figure out what to say!

Grab your secret weapon today!


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